me & candice

I figure since I talk about my first year of roommies, I better talk about Candice! Candice, besides Dustin, has to be one of my very best friends! She seriously is hilarious! She now is married...to Zach, so I don't hear from her very often, but I'm so happy for those two...and can't wait until at least some of the mushy love love wears off so she'll call me!...just kidding! :)
I don't have a lot of time to post a bunch of pictures of us...my little lunch break is over... :( Here is a picture of Candice and I at school...We had gone home for the weekend, and when we got back to the good ol' c14 there were no clean dishes! We had to use what we could! :) Ah...fun times!


Meg said...

Lunch break huh?? Does that mean that you got the job?

Candice said...

Oh my gosh! WE are so freaking AWESOME! I miss you!