Been a while...

Well, I completely went against EVERYTHING I said in my talk at church! The Sunday before General Conference, Dustin, and I gave talks at church, and I talked about how important it is to watch General Conference and how we all need to make it a priority in our lives. I confess, I did NOT watch General Conference, but I have been watching it since!

Dustin was working up in Central California the whole week before, and I decided to go along. With his farthest territory being only 200 miles south of San Fran, we decided to make a fun trip out of our weekend! Both of us hadn't ever been, and we thought it would be a fun little getaway.

We didn't stay super long, just Friday night through Sunday morning! We got in everything that everyone had said was pretty cool, and we enjoyed every minute of it! Other than the wind blowing non-stop, San Francisco is a pretty fun city!

The first night there, we stayed over in Oakland (on the other side of the Bay Bridge) and enjoyed some pizza over there! There is this really fun pizza place called Zachary's. It was totally hoppin! It took us an hour to be seated!!! Plus, we pre-ordered! It was my first time experiencing Chicago style pizza! I LOVE IT!!!!

FYI for all you travelers going to San Francisco from the Oakland area, that need to cross the Bay Bridge, there is a $4 charge to get across! And if you don't have the exact ammount in cash or have your Fastracks, it is a $25 fine!

First thing Saturday morning, we went and saw the Golden Gate Bridge! It was pretty cool! I didn't think we were going to go across it, but we did, and I am glad that we did! We got some pretty fun pictures! :)

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker...We went down and around to get a better look! ;)

Yep, that's me totally taking a picture of myself...crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!

Dustin being "strong" and holding the bridge with one finger!

Our Family! (my hair was blowing in the wind so bad!)

Ok! So my cute, handsome, classy husband has this fascination of spitting off of high things. He's had my sister even in competitive spitting games! Anywho, I caught this picture right as he spit! (notice spit ball falling "gracefully" to it's dispair!) Dustin's comment? "Did you see how long it took it to hit the ground? I'm doin' it again!" ...again, very classy husband! :)

This picture didn't really turn out, but Dustin thought it was hilarious. Thinking my hubby just wants to take a picture of me because I am his hott sexy wife, had my thoughts turned around with his remark, "Oh man, it didn't turn out! You can't read the sign!" What does the sign say?

Fresh Local Crabs Here

We explored around the Fisherman's Warf for a few hours, and checked out Pier 39. I love clam chowder, and wanted more, but I think Dustin was clam chowdered out! I loved Ghiradelli Square! We bought some fudge and homemade peanut butter cup that was to die for!

Believe it or not, but this is a street! Lombard Street! San Fransisco's "crookedist" street!

A bunch of stinky Sea Lions down by the Piers.

My cute hubby by a WWII submarine!

Welcome to Chinatown! We ate at this place called The Chinese Epress! It's about in the middle of Chinatown on the right hand side if you are walking up this picture I guess. It's on the top floor of this building and overlooks the city! It's absolutely beautiful!

Hangin' out where Joey, Jesse, Danny, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner filmed Full House! :)

One big Full House Fan! :) OH YEAH!

If I was a great artist, I would love to draw these houses! I love these houses!

We had so much fun!

Windmills as we were driving home! Isn't that pretty! :)


Nicole said...

I'm glad you had so much fun in San Fran!! It was so nice seeing you guys and at least spending a little time with you :)

Anonymous said...

I love how Dustin had to spit off the edge. Men are so funny.