Dustin on his First Hunt with Bronco

Saturday Morning I was home all by my lonesome with nothing to do. Karen was down in LA picking up her Parents and sister Yellie, who were coming to visit us at our new house. Will lying in bed wondering what to do, I received a phone call from Ron Sonden (Broncos Trainer), who called to see if I would like to go out and hunt with Bronco. I could not refuse. Ron is such a great guy and trainer and I knew I would have a great time. It took me a while to get out there because I had no shells and I did not have the correct stamp to hunt upland game.

Once I finally got all of the issue address, I got out to the field and Ron, his son in law Bruce and his grandson Robert were there and had already been hunting. Ron got Bronco out and we headed out into the fields. We had walked for about 5 min when Bronco went on point. I flushed out the bird and took my first shot in a couple of years. On my first shot I hit my target, well kinda I got his wing and the pheasant went down. Bronco tracked him down. Not to bad for a first shot. I shot at two more bird and didn't miss a one.

I do have to tell a funny story. On the last bird we were out hunting I got a little excited when pheasant was flushed I shot a little early and to say the lease I wasted a lot of good meat. Ron put me in my place and told me I shot to early (I don't think that he will let me live that one down).

All in all it was a great day and I hope to get out more because that was a first time in a while that I got and and just let all the stress and worries go out the window.

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Kam said...

Sounds like a great day, It's been years since I've been out as well. Bronco is a beautiful dog and from the day's hunt seems well trained also.
Kamron (Karen's cousin)