House update

So...we are officially homeowners!!! We bought our first home, and we moved in on the 12th! Ludene (Dustin's mom) came in town on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. We decorated the house a little, and even got some Christmas decorations up! (& made the most AMAZING cinnamon rolls EVER!)

This week I am back down in the smoke filled air of the city...being the awesome, wonderful, bomb-diggity, very "humble" employee that I am...I came back down to help this week! The new girl that they hired decided that she doesn't like paperwork and quit after four days! :( BOO! I'm helpin' out this week! But it's alright because my mom, dad, and lil' sis Yellie are coming into town on Saturday to spend the weekend with Dustin and I at our house! I'm excited! I mean it's not bad staying in a hotel in Culver City while I have a new home just wishing we were there....but I'm glad to help, and it saves me a trip! :) And I get decoration money!!!

We had to buy a new table for the kitchen nook (which we got a steal of a deal on--won't be delivered until Fri...) and we are still looking for a modern looking chair to go with our modern looking dark leather sectional. (If anyone has any ideas...please send them my way....also for rugs!) And can I even say that I love having new washer and dryer? My dryer no longer takes two hours to dry and my washer doesn't need a knife stuck in it to work. (Hey...guess I can't complain too much considering that it was included in the apartment right??) :)

Well, as soon as I get some pictures...I will make a post of all our rooms that we've decorated! I'm totally excited, and can't wait.! I know it's been a while, and I don't have any pictures, but I will get those posted on Saturday or Sunday.

I mean it about the decorating ideas! You chicas out there always have great ideas on your blog...so send your ideas this way! I'm going with a red hue as an accent in my living room, and I like the more modern/contemporary look.

Well, HERO's is about to start...and I'm pretty much addicted. . . . .

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Casey and Amy said...

Ya I'm sure we'll be there, i would like for him to meet everyone! It will be good to see you!