So, while we were up in Seattle...Tim (my sister-in-law's hubby) found this picture of my cute hubbles when he was on his mission in Paris. Pretty cool graffiti...eh? :)

Anyway, I thought I would post this because he's a pretty cute guy...and I'm pretty lucky to have him as my man!

He's so great that he made those last 2 posts about our little Seattle trip. (Not to mention he went over the top and made cool videos out of them!)

We had a blast in Seattle. It was fun to get to know Tim, Mikey, and the kids better. (Considering I've only met them three times now, and the second time was at our wedding!) Their family is truely wonderful, and we had a blast up there.... (Thank you to Eddie and Ludene for coming up and spending the weekend with us!) :)

We went up on Thursday, and hung out that night. Amber had cheered at her schools football game (they won by the way...) and we had gotten in kind of late. We, of course, stayed up way too late, but hey...it was fun, and kind of hilarious!

Friday, we got up and got ready. Dustin and Tim went to Costco while the girls got ready. Me, Ludene, Mikey, and little Mikayla went to the store and got all sorts of goodies for the big Halloween night. It was funny, it was DOWNPOURING outside, and the little kid car cart was covered in water, but Mikayla was going to ride it...so the cart guy went and got paper towels so she could ride in there.

We went to a Chinese place for lunch, and then to Walmart to get a few finishing touches for kid's costumes. **Dustin found these AMAZING socks that are super soft and smell like lavander. (Still....! And I've been wearing them for a few days now...!) :)

The kids all went trick or treating....Andrew and Amber were gangstas...Ali was a walking dead cheerleader, and little Mikayla was a pumpkin. Me and Dustin were just hott! :) haha

After we all got back from trick or treating, Dustin got down and was wrestling with the kids...and something funny happened with Mikayla. See if you can spot it at the end of this video...It is hilarious!

On Saturday, we went up to Seattle and explored the Space Needle and the Pikes Market. We had a ton of fun, and enjoyed every minute of it...even with the rain!

We ended up playin' the Wii, and a fun WAY LATE game that is hilarious to play at midnight or later called Butt Darts. Basically put a cup on the floor, put a quarter between the cheeks, and walk over and release the coin into the cup...believe me...it's harder than you think. Dustin was the champion, but Mikey came in a close second! :)

(Sorry for the camera handle...I was in a hurry to capture the shot...) :)

We even played a few pranks on Eddie D and Ludene. They both fell asleep and Eddie ended up with a little whip cream on his face/jacket, and Ludene had a little lipstick on her forehead. :) (Don't fall asleep at the McLaughlin household!!!)

Sunday we went relaxed and listened to Amber sing. We played the Wii, and hung out for the last little bit....I'm sure I'm missing so much, but I can always add more later. :)

We miss you guys, and can't wait to see you guys soon! :) We had fun!!

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