Wait no longer!!!

Ok, so this is a long awaited post...I KNOW! As you all know, Dustin and I recently bought a new home up here in Bakersfield. We are all moved in, and are all cozy. We love it up here so far, and are enjoying having something that is OURS! (No thank you to renting!)

Living Room

Dining Room

Kitchen Nook

My dad painted our wall red when he came down the week before Christmas. He did a great job...and I totally LOVE it! We only have one picture hung because, well....the other one doesn't have a frame yet... I CANNOT FIND ONE THAT SIZE ANYWHERE! :( Other than that...I just need to hang the black valances! :)

Kitchen view 1

Kitchen view 2

Dustin's office

We are still in the process of putting this one together. We are hoping to find a really nice executive desk to put in here and that little glass desk can be my craft table! :)

Spare bedroom

If you come to visit...this is most likely where you will crash! :)

The house does have another room, but as for right now it houses our Christmas tree and boxes for the lights that were just installed a couple days ago. (I need to make sure that everything works correctly before they get thrown away.) We have a bed in Utah, but we just need to get it out here to put in that room.

The hallway closet thing that I LOVE!

Dustin's shower

I rarely use it because: A. I hate freezing my butt off after I'm finished having to get every speck of water off every surface to avoid water spots B. I'm lazy and don't like to spend ten minutes getting every speck of water off every surface to avoid water spots. I'll only use it if I know Dustin is going to shower. :)

My little piece of heaven on earth. :)

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

What I love most about our bedroom is that it fits all of our furniture! For once in our whole married life...I have a nightstand! :)

We still have a little bit more to go decorating wise, but thank you to Ludene for helping us out with where to hang stuff up, and thank you to Mom & Dad for the Christmas present! We love the decorations! They make our living room look superb!

Well, I must be off...my husband and my belly are starving...and dinner (Tortellini Salad) won't make itself... :) If you want the recipe...ask me.


Nicole said...

love your house!! I need to call you and catch up. It's been forever :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome house! I love the square sinks in the master bath.

bonnie said...

Karen! It's beautiful. I am so happy you finally found something you loved! muah, and hope all is well :)