Ok, so it's been a while since I've posted anything.
It's not really that we haven't had anything going on...that is farther from the truth! :) I just haven't been much into the sit down upload pictures and tell everyone what we've been up to.
Also, I'm not much into blogging without uploading a picture...and I am horrible at taking pictures while we are out doing stuff. So some of these pictures I took from my mom and sister's blog/facebook.
For Thanksgiving, my mom, dad, and baby sis Yellie came to California to spend Thanksgiving with us. (Am I really JUST blogging about thanksgiving...YES.)
Here are some fun things we did: (in no particular order...)
"fro yo"--Went and checked out YogurtLand. I love that place and could seriously eat there everyday.
My lil fur ball, Bronco, carrying around his dog bowl.

Yellie's "boyfriend"
My sister just graduated from High School. I made her an apron for college as a graduation present and finally with the help from mom got it finished while she was here. :) Better late than never, I say.


Bronco--enjoying the sunny weather and company so he didn't have to be in his kennel all day.
Laguna Beach
Me & Yellie at the District in Irvine. The Christmas Tree was beautiful!
Dad has always wanted to wear a visor.
Sunset on our way home from Laguna Beach.
Mom & Yellie playin in the ocean.

Mom, Yellie, Dad, Me, & Baby Bump (didn't know the sex yet...) at Laguna Beach

Whenever my mom is around, we all have to take feet pictures...Laguna Beach.
Dustin worked during the week, but the boys were able to go golfing a few times. I think they had fun. We went to Roman Cucina's one night (Which is FABULOUS and you should check it out!) Mom, Yellie, and I were able to check out a really fun fabric store here in Tustin and we got some cute fabric and made a quilt top for the baby. I need to take a picture of it...It's darling!
We had a fun Thanksgiving...the food was great and the Bronco's won the football game that night. :)
More updates to come...

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Nicole said...

fun fun!... you need to post a recent belly picture!!