Attention needin' Pup!

Ok, so this is pretty funny! I decided that I was going to keep practicing this song on my guitar, because I want to sing it to Dustin when he gets home! Well everytime I play and sing my guitar, Bronco gets a little "jealous" I guess you could say. Usually he'll sit by my feet and bark at me, but today, I guess he couldn't handle it anymore, and he kept jumpin' up on the coffee table and sitting on my music! At one point he layed down and covered all my pages!
(*also notice the "fluff" from one of his animals!):p

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Ms. Hatch said...

Are you sure the dog was jealous or were playing so badly he didn't want to hear anymore! ;) Just teasing you, I just was thinking about you thought I would check out your blog seeing how I am at school right now and listening to a professor talk and I can't call! Hope all is well! Love you!!