Cool Dog Beach Story! :)

Ok, so I just had to share this just because it was so cool! Today, while Bronco and I were at the dog beach, I ran into this lady who had a Boston Terrier that looks IDENTICAL to my mom's Boston, Rosa. (*see picture!) :)

Anyway, so I started talking to her saying that I had Bostons, and that I love them and how they are such great dogs! Come to find out, her dog has been blind since birth! She said she wasn't interested in buying a dog, but when she saw that the dog was the only one left in the litter and that they were going to put it down later that week because it was blind she bought the dog! She said she was a single lady, and "Max" is the perfect companion to her! First of all, I thought that was super sweet, but I think it is really cool what she has taught the dog! She put different bells all over the house on each doorknob and they all sound different. She said that helps her dog know where he is in the house. She said that he even knows which bell is the door to go outside! Sweet dog! I just thought that was cool!

Well, Dustin is in Florida this week for a training thing...can't wait until he comes back! I've been interviewing for jobs (*keep your fingers crossed) and I'm hoping that I got the job at Express. Me and Bronco have been going to the dog beach everyday, and we found a cute boxer that he's been playin' with too! Oh and a dog named Taco that his owner dyes the white mohawkish fur purple! They can wear each other out...Thank goodness! Today was so beautiful! Even with it being about 6:30p, it is still about 75! I think me and Bronco might go for another walk before bedtime! :) He's tired right now though! He wouldn't even sit down in the elevator up! He layed down the whole time. If he could of gotten away with it, he probably would have had me carry him! (*and boy is he heavy!)

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