Eventful Holidays

So, it's been a while since I've been on, but things are going superbly, it's been quite eventful! First off, we have a new dog-child named Bronco. He's a German Shorthair Pointer, and he is just about the cutest thing! He loves sleepin' on his back, feet straight up in the air on the baby love sac! We bought him a new little chain to walk with so he kind of looks like a "tough" dog! He follows Dustin around like he is a celebrity or something! It's kinda cute! He's getting really big, and getting really big really fast! He's gained about 10 pounds since we've had him here in Cali! Dustin has him sitting and shaking, and we're working on stay...hopefully he'll pick up on that on fast! :) Dustin has been busy with work and traveling, and I am lookin' for a job down here in the good ol' LBC. Dustin is now the second counselor in the young men's presidency... :)
For Christmas, we had Kristie & AJ and their two kids Treagan and Hallie, as well as Ludene and Eddie! It was so much fun! It was a full house, but a blast! We went to Disneyland, Seaworld, and even a Broncos vs. Chargers game on Christmas Eve. Treagan drew this cute picture of the football players and of course a cheerleader! While at Seaworld, AJ got pooped on by a bird, and Hallie called Shamu "Shampoo"! It was priceless! We went to the beach, and let the kids play in the freezin' cold water! Hallie collected sea shells, and we all just relaxed! Christmas was an absolute blast...especially with the kids! :)
For New Years we headed back to Utah, and spent some time with my family...(and to see our new puppy!) My brother has been in South Korea since 2004, so it was good to finally have the whole family home. (My brother is in the Army.) We went snowboarding...(which I kind of suck at, but hey...I'm tryin'!) We went to my nephew's basketball games, and it was good to see him play! He is an awesome player! :)
Since we've been back in Cali, we've been bein' dog "parents" and just relaxing now. It feels good to just be home...

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