Weekend at the Beach

This weekend, Bronco was finally old enough to go to a dog beach...I think I had more fun watching him than he did playin' with all the other puppies! :) Dustin and I went on Saturday afternoon, and Bronco played his little heart out! He won't go anywhere near the water...but I hope that he'll enjoy it sometime soon! The other dogs looked like they were having so much fun! He was so pooped out that he fell asleep instantly once we got back to the car and again when we got home! So tired he was laying down to eat!

He's getting big! We went to the vet on Friday, and he now weighs almost 27 lbs! He snores like no other too! (*He get's that from his "grandma"...) :) Dustin made a video, I'll have to figure out how to post it on here...it's hilarious! His snoring was so loud that I could hear it from another room!

When we went to the dog beach on Sunday...for some odd reason, he just wasn't really into playing, which was a little strange...We stayed there for about 45 minutes, and then decided that we would go for a nice Sunday drive. (*Which was great! The weather has been superb down here! 75, sunny, and warm!) He was sleepin' great in the back of the Mustang, and all of a sudden he started coming up towards the front making this wierd "I'm going to hurl" noise. I started to freak out because we were going pretty fast, there was no where to pull over and I didn't want Bronco to arf all over me! Just as Dustin was trying to find a place to pull over, and just as he unrolled the window, I made Bronco lean out of the side of the car..(and hangin' on for dear life) he blew chunks! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, and felt bad for the poor thing at the same time! He left sick nasty stuff on the side of the car! He even arfed while we were trying to find a car wash!

Guess he'll learn now not to drink ocean water!

We've been trying to teach him how to smile. He doesn't do it yet, but I did take this picture of him and he looks like he's smiling!

My family is coming in town this Saturday...I'm excited!

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