Take me out to the ball game!

This week, my nephew Carter has had a baseball tournament in San Diego. Dustin and I went down to support him, and besides it was good to see Jennifer and Clark and their kids! Carter's team has one every game that they have played. I don't really understand much about baseball, but I guess I better learn pretty quick! :) The second field that they played on was at Coronado HS, and they had the nicest field! It overlooked the water!

We had a great time! Jenn and fam are heading up to Vegas for Easter this weekend, and are picking me up on the way. Dus and I are going to join them. It should be a lot of fun! Davis has a basketball thing.

We don't get to see them play sports very often, so it has been great! We sure have some talented nieces and nephews! :)

Here are some pictures Dustin took of Carter while we were in San Diego at his tournament.

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