Bronco's Last Day! :(

So, Bronco's time here in good ol' Long Beach has quickly come to an end, but not without some good fun! On Saturday, we took Bronco to the dog beach and let him play his little heart out! He had so much fun!

Here's Bronco out running on the dog beach...

So, Bronco kept digging in the sand, and this little dog with a wierd haircut kept trying to steal Bronco's hole. Bronco kept pushing him out of the way! It was hilarious!

Bronco and his buddy... (the one with the wierd haircut)

One hole later, and a dog that, I don't know why, loves to eat sand later...this is what you get!

(He is starting to grow into his ears!)

We took Bronco to this place up in Lucerne Valley to be field trained. Well, it is just an introductory thing. To see if he really is cut out to be a bird dog. They introduce birds and gun fire to them and some other things. Then when he is about eleven to twelve months old he'll go back for three months for hunting training. It will be fun to have a hunting dog!

To see where he is click HERE.

Dustin is out of town this week and on his way back home is going to stop by and see how he is doing! It's been a little wierd not having him here! I can't wait until we have a yard so we can have him with us again!

Tonight is our Relief Society Birthday Celebration. I'm pretty excited. I've been getting to know the sisters better in my ward, and have made some pretty good friends! So it should be fun!

Alrighty...Hasta Pasta! :)


Nicole said...

Good job Karen!!! You got your comments up and running :) Why are you sending Bronco away? I am very confused! Let us know when Dustin will be up North...you better come with and hang out!

Carl Porter said...

Good to see little Bronco again. Ran across your blog. Hope to see him again soon. Nice little pup.
Carl (the dog trainer) Porter