Reasons why...

...I love my cute husband!

I love how you make me so happy!

I love how hard you work!

I love the emails & texts you send just to say hi!

I love your excitement!

I love talking with you!

I love how much you can talk to just about anyone!

I love how much respect & trust you have for people!

I love your sense of humor!

I love how you love any new electronical gadget!

I love watching you in Best Buy! (Like a kid in a candy store!) :)

I love how you love snowboarding!

I love how stylish you are!

I love that you speak French to me!

I love that you love to speak French to anyone else that speaks French!

I love how patient & understanding you are!

I love how you aren't afraid to laugh with me! (or at me!)

I love how trustworthy you are!

I love how much pride you take in your footsies!

I love how passionate you are about the gospel!

I love how great of an example you are!

I love when you whisper sweet nothings!

I love when we are together!

I love how responsible you are!

I love when you kiss me on the forehead when I'm sleeping & you don't think I noticed!

I love when you tell me I'm beautiful!

I love how supportive you are!

I love being with you!

I love your concern for others!

I love that you still open my door!

I love that you try to be the next American Idol!

I love listening to you sing opera in the shower!

I love that you are my best friend!

I love it when you call me Karebear!

I love how cute you are with kids!

I love how protective you are!

I love your spunkiness!

I love how I can fit in your arms!

I love how you like to cuddle!

I love how competitive you are at RockBand!

I love your little facial hair! (unless it's just starting to grow...then it's a little scratchy!) :)

I love how safe I feel with you!

I love how playful you are!

I love how carefree & spontaneous you are!

I love your love for cars!

I love how you love fishing & camping & 4wheeling & just being outside!!!

I love how much you love our puppy!

I love your laugh!

I love how you always smell good!

I love how you sleep! (Only a few close people know this...) :)

I love that you love to hold my hand!

I love that my kids will be lucky enough to have you as their daddy!

I love being your wife!

I love that you love me!

I love that you let me love you as much as I do!

My husband is always on my mind...but today I just wanted to post a little some'n some'n because:

1) I am very grateful for Dustin!

2) I love this cutie patootie!

3) We've been married for 11 months...TODAY!

Dear Dustin,

Thank you for always being the support that I need!

Thank you for always finding away to put a smile on my face!

Thank you for not lowering your mood because I had a bad day! (instead...you laugh at me & make me realize just how dumb I sound when I complain!)

Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you for being my sweet husband!

Love you forever and ever!

Your wifey...



julesttdmom said...

You are very cute!!! What a sweet couple!

bradyandang said...

Hey Karen - thanks for the comment on my blog! But, I think you have it wrong - you and your sister are the beautiful ones! Sure is fun to see your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen - this is Angela and I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog via your comment on my blog. Thanks! However, I think you have everything all wrong - you and your sister are the beautiful ones! I hope all is well.