Alrighty Meg, I am finally up to date, and I am now going to finish my tag... ;)

Ok, here are the rules. You tell 6 facts/habits about yourself. Tag 6 people and comment on their blog and invites them to read yours.

1) I hate spending money! Believe it or not! I secretly do an inside freak out dance if I spend more than $40 at Albertsons! Unless it is absolutely necessary to have it, I don't see the point in buying it! Even if I've been wanting it for a long time.

2) I am NOT a morning person...or a night person! I seriously am pooped out by 10! Besides, even if I get 8 hours of sleep I still have a hard time waking up in the morning.

3) I have to have all the closet doors and bathroom door closed at night while I sleep. My overworking imagination makes me think I'm seeing things in my closets if I'm half a sleep in the middle of the night.

4) I always crave fresh McDonalds french fries! (more than ice cream!)

5) I am super scared of spiders!

6) For a bad habit...I am horrible at taking my make up off at night! I'm a ton better at taking my contacts out, but I am so tired, I just go to bed with it on, and wash it off in the morning!

Since I don't have a lot of friends on blogspot...I tag everyone who reads this! :)


Brian & Kara said...

Hey Karen,

Love your blog. Looks like you had a great time in San Francisco. And, Happy Birthday. Brian's is April 23. Glad you guys are in the ward. Have fun with your new calling...I used to be in charge of enrichment....lots of work, but fun. See ya at church!


Meg said...

Good job on the tag... finally!!! I hate spending money too, I'm a tight wad for sure!