While in Utah, we got to see our fam's and it was good to be "home." The only bummer of a deal is that my bag was "mutilated" somewhat when it got off the plane. I think that they tried to look in my bag, but broke the zipper and then taped my bag shut. The only thing that ended up missing my was my double bagged in ziplock baggies hair stuff. It was under all my clothes when I left, but the only thing that made it was the lid to a hairspray. And that was in the front part of my bag in the front zippy part! Stupid airline people... But other than that it was fun! We got to get in some BBQ's (Thank you to Aunt Diane and Uncle Brad for coming!) and even got to go to a Jazz game! We celebrated Eddie D's sixtieth birthday and Dustin ordained Davis a Deacon on Sunday. I am proud of Dustin and am so happy that he is worthy to hold the priesthood in our home. He did an amazing job, and I'm glad that I got to go and watch. I'm so proud of you Davis for being ordained! :)

On my birthday I went with my family to La Caille. When you are in high school, if you are in a language class or in Mrs. Carrigan's food classes you get to go to La Caille. Since my parent's foreign exchange student Pepe is in Mrs. C's class, they had the opportunity, plus I got to go because well...she loves me! :) jk!

Pep-sters, Yell-sters, Bob-sters :) at La Caille

Kimberlee and Kai

Me & my beautiful sisters

My parents..."cheesin'" out... :)

Pepe and Yellie

Dustin headed back to Vegas on Sunday night so he could work Monday and Tuesday. (He drove...I flew...) So I was coordinating with Lauren to pick me up from the airport on Monday...my birthday so I could spend the last half of it in Cali. I got there a little early, called her, she said she was about five minutes away. I start talking to my mom and was waiting for my bag at baggage claim, and Dustin showed up! It totally suprised me! So Lauren, thank you for lying to me...It was a great suprise and I got to see my hubby! By the way...you are pretty good at it, I didn't know other than it sounded like you were in the bathroom instead of on the 405! :)

Dustin made me this beautiful birthday cake with the help of "Ralph" and I even loved the lightbulb birthday candle! He also suprised me with a dozen beautiful roses and a new digital camera...
Thank you everyone who made this past weekend fun! :) Love you all!


julesttdmom said...

Ok, so I am a little late... but better late than never!! win!

Anonymous said...

Happy WAY late birthday! You have such a cute family!