My dream home!

This home is absolutely beautiful! I love it! If I could have any home at all..I would love for it to look like this!

A) It's gorgeous

B) Lots of windows

C) It has a garage!

D) I could have a craft room!

E) It probably has a big bathtub!

F) It has my dream kitchen!

G) It has a yard for my puppy! :)

H) Did I mention that I could have a craft room?

I) & BEST of all...no neighbors to share a wall with!

Someday, I will own a home...and I hope it comes close to being this beautiful!

Well, enough with my rambles....

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Anonymous said...

I love that you posted your dream home! I did that a few days ago and wondered if anybody else would do it. I love to see everybody's different styles and tastes in homes. That home is beautiful!