In a creative mood....

Growing up, I had a blankie that I think that my great-grandma crocheted for me! It was one of my favorite blankies, and is something that I treasure. I used it for my dolls, and always made sure that nothing happened to it, because it was just so beautiful! (and colorful!) I would love to have something beautiful and special to pass down in my family, but I wish that I was talented enough to know how to make one that was super cute that someone would treasure and appreciate.

While I was blog stalking, I found this cute blankie, and the pattern is even free! (I just need to learn how to read patterns!)

Isn't it beautiful?

Maybe if I start on it something like this now, maybe within 5 years I could have it finished! :)


Caid and Alicia Evans said...

seriously... i fell in love with this blanket the first second I saw it... love the colors too!
Thanks for the pattern... I think i'll give it to my mom "miss creative and can do anything" and see if she will make one for my babies.. (no that was not an announcement!) haha
Good taste! love it!

Caid and Alicia Evans said...

P.S... Happy anniversary to you on Sunday since I won't be in town to say it to ya then! Marriage is the best!