Moving to Long Beach, let alone California, was a HUGE adjustment for me...I'm the typical Utah girl minus the big hair. :) Getting used to not being in the typical Utah ward was a little different, and I was seriously worried that I wouldn't find a friend here unless it was someone that was friends with Dustin first!

Since day one in our ward here in Long Beach I have always felt welcome and I guess at "home." One of the reasons why would have to be Miss Julie! :) She was the first one to "grab" me and say hi! (She literally did grab me by my arm when I was trying to run out of the RS room!) :) Since then I have had just a strong bond with her, and a huge adoration for her! She is a very special chica whom I just love and look up to! Yesterday evening we FINALLY met up and had a girls night out! (very much needed!)

Thank you to Jason, Regan, and Collin for letting your mommy/wife come out and play! :)

We went to dinner and then went and watched a GIRL movie...We both don't get to go out and watch those too much because I think our hubby's are too manly to admit that they might like them! (I know all guys secretly appreciate a good chic flik!) We watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2...and I loved it! I bawled my eyes out in the first one, but to save myself some embarassment, I didn't cry in this one! ;) close...but I didn't!

It was good to get to know Julie more, and I look forward to our usual Relief Society and I'm totally pyched for the next girl day! :) (I think we need to have a combined Family out...what do you think of that idea???)

Well, I had so much fun...went home with a smile on my face and jib-jabbered Dustin's ear off the whole way home! :) I felt bad because he sounded like he was ready to fall asleep, and I was keeping him awake. He has been in Vegas all week.

....ok...so the story gets better! I will admit I was a little peeved at first, but it does get better!

To start off, I am very picky about doors & locks.I am strange about locking doors, making sure doors (closet doors, bathroom doors, ANY door) are shut! I think I'm OCD about it. (I check it 3 times before I hop into bed...ask Dustin, he laughs at me!)

So I get home from dropping of Julie, and I walk in my house...make sure the door is shut for the first time, lock it...put my stuff down, turn on the light, make sure door is shut for the second time, check that I did lock it...and walk into the computer room so I can start blogging about how much fun I had...

...when all of a sudden I hear something.

I seriously stopped! No one else is here but me right? Yeah...um NO!!! So I start doing an inside freak out because I know that no one else is supposed to be in there but me! Here are the thoughts going through my head:

  • Holy hannah!

  • Holy crap!

  • I'm scared!

  • Should I hide?

  • I can't fit under the bed!!!!

  • Shh..stop breathing!

  • I should have checked the door!!

  • Wait it stopped..

  • It's just my imagination!

When out of the corner of my eye I see something move...right then I KNEW I wasn't crazy! Then I can tell it's a person, but I can only see the top of their head and some eyes peeking around the corner...(MAJOR FREAK OUT GOING ON INSIDE ME!)... & guess what??? Oh yeah, it was DUSTIN!

(sorry to all of my neighbors!)

He did suprise/scare me by coming home a night early...that sneaky bastage had me convinced that he was staying in Vegas until Friday!!! I had just talked to him on the way home!!! He instantly wanted to hug me and snuggle because he was home, but I was so mad I had to go in the other room and not talk to him for like twenty minutes! (He was all, who did you expect it to be?...um HELLO!? You weren't supposed to be here right!)

All in all, I had a great night with my "sister" in the "hood" (aka we both live in the hood!) :) and I after my heart stopped beating so fast and I wasn't so peeved, I was excited to see Dustin too!

Have a fantabulous & safe weekend!

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Jackie said...

I went with my mom to see that movie! It was definitely a girl's-day-out movie, and I liked it a lot! I did tear up there a few times though. What can I say, I'm a sucker for those movies!