Breakfast with Bronco

Today, Dustin and I got up at the buttcrack of dawn and headed towards Bakersfield to check out our little pup Bronco...When we got there I realized that he just isn't so little anymore! He is our teenage puppy! :) Ron Soden is his trainer, with Fongeo Kennels, and he is doing so good! I guess in the fields where they usually go and train the dogs got sprayed with something, so Ron didn't want to take the dogs out and have them get sick! (Probably a good thing!) :) So we got to see a few things that Bronco has been learning in Ron's front yard! Here are some pictures and a video. Sorry for the barking dogs in the video...the dogs next door were going loco! But check out that Bronco totally pointed! He isn't quite perfect yet, but I KNOW when Ron is finished Bronco will be perfect!

Bronco & a quail

Dustin & Bronco

Ron Soden & Bronco & Me!

Video of Bronco finding the quail in Ron's front yard... :)


julesttdmom said...

Ohh he is so cute!! and HUGE! You are too sweet!!! Thanks for the fun night!!! Thank you for the card as well. I am also very happy that we hit it off so well!!! You are more than welcomed in our crazy home any day!!! Tonight for FHE we are getting frozen yogurt!! yummm!!!

Presley family said...