Ok! Ok!

So...I know that it has been a while...and I've received SEVERAL complaints...multiple times...(you know who you are!) for an update!

Things in the Davis household are doing great...keeping busy. A few weeks ago we had Scott and Nicole come in town. Nicole is attending FIDM and then was working in Cali for the Buckle for her Manager thing...So she and her hubby Scott came down and hung out with us for a few days! We explored Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and of course...ate at Roman Cucina! ;) (Basically touristy stuff, but it's great, because even though we live here...we haven't really explored LA!)

We decided to drive as close as we could to the Hollywood sign...that was fun! Explored Rodeo Drive, stood in line for an expensive cupcake at Sprinkles...it was alright! (The wait was worth it for me...yummy treat, and besides we were with the people we loved!)

We've been to Lake Mead since the last time I posted...and for all of those of you that care...I STILL CANNOT GET UP ON WATER SKIS/WAKEBOARD! I am weaksauce!!! Dustin, of course is a professional! Once we found out that the fin was on the wrong side of the board he instantly was better, and thanks to the fabulous YouTube for teaching us how to wakeboard!

Other than that, not much has been going on! :)

I will post pictures of the last few weeks adventures as soon as I can...no worries! I just wanted to post a little something for all you guys! :)

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