Spillin' the beans!

Things I love about today!
  1. That the sun just came up and lit up my whole living room
  2. My husband has been working so hard and is coming home TONIGHT!
  3. I actually have something in my fridge for dinner! :)

So I bet you are wondering why I haven't really posted in a while...Julie Presley thought I was pregnant and wanted to wait to spill the beans, but I'm really sorry to announce that I am NOT pregnant! (Not for a while anyway!)

So....you want the scoop??? Well after talking it out, and letting a few people know (my boss, bishop, and mom) I've decided to spill the beans to you guys! We are moving to Bakersfield, California.

Why? You ask?? It's time.

I love living in Long Beach. I have a great ward, great friends, && I LIVE BY THE OCEAN! But my cute hardworking hubby also travels three weeks a month. We have the opportunity to move to Bakersfield, he will only travel about a week and a half a month and we will be able to OWN our own home! (Yes...we are buying a home...we move in on November 11th)

As soon as I have some pictures I will post them, but I've been so excited that I've wanted to share with you guys my good news! ( I know I still need to post more pictures from our little adventures!) :)

I'll post more later....I hope you all have a fantabulous day!


Nicole said...

I knew you guys were going to move there eventually. That is so exciting that you guys bought a house. It is so much better when you own! I will have to call you and catch up. It's been too long.

Presley family said...

Ok, so it is girls tims NOW!!! We have to go out before you leave. When are y'all moving??? You know I still love you! BIG HUGS!!!