Sunshine on my cheeks!

Things that put a smile on my face today:

I put on my "fall/winter" beadspread today! My mom and I made this for Dustin and I...I LOVE these colors! I think I was destined to love fall just because of the colors! :)

I made some cornbread! My house smells so devine right now! There is a "trunk or treat" at the church this Friday, and I signed up to make cornbread. (Forgetting I'm going to SEATTLE!) So, I'm going to bring this to Julie tomorrow. (Heads up Jul!) :)

My mom sent me a cute card in the mail... and I just got it! She is always so thoughtful!


I am so greatful for Dustin and how hard he works for our little family! I'm so excited to get into our new little place so we can be together a little bit more! I really miss him when he is gone! Getting this little card from home made me a little bit homesick for Utah. I love living here in Cali, but sometimes I miss hangin out with all my sisters and my mom! Sometimes when I call home and all of my family is over at mom and dad's house eating dinner and just hangin' out...I kinda break down inside wishing I could be there too...(today is one of those days...especially with Dustin being gone!) Thank GOODNESS he'll be home tomorrow! :) I am really excited to go to Seattle this weekend. Dustin and I both need a break! He's been going non-stop the last few weeks!!! (THANKS HON!)

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Emily said...

Your bed is much bigger than mine...i'm jealous! your quilt is very cute as well.