So...I thought that I would post the update on our house. This is our house thus far, and when Dustin sent me this picture I am even more EXCITED!!!!! We are debating on having them leave that little porch-y thing just the wood or have them paint it how they were planning. Dustin likes the wood, and I don't care either way. (He wants to get a wood door to match the wood porch-y thing.) What do you think???

But this is what our house looks like right now..just wanted to share in the excitement!

I am in my final few days at work. (Whew!) It's kind of bittersweet I guess..I really have enjoyed working for my boss. He is such a great guy, and I love the compassion he has for his patients. But I know that this next little adventure is what is best for our little family! :) (Only I keep having wierd morbid dreams about moving!)

...good night for now!

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