Updating Queen!

Ok...so I know that it has been FOREVER and a half since I have really posted! A lot has gone on, and we've had some fun! We moved into our new house...and even went on vacation! We had some company come in town and had Bronco come back into our lives. Hope you enjoy the update!


Ok, so I want to make sure that I post this! Sorry Julie..I stole these pictures off your blog! :) So while I was down in OC working that last week that I was there...Julie and I had plans to go to dinner. (Julie is seriously like my BFF!) :) Something had come up, and she couldn't go...but that was ok! I came over to visit and brought some ice cream...whipped cream...and OREOS! I think Reagan was in heaven! I got to get some loves from Collin...and most importantly see the queen bee herself...JULIE! :)

Me & Julie!

Me & Reagan! (She is such a doll!)

The finished product! She was one sticky...sugar rushed little chica! :)

Julie! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, and letting me put your daughter on a sugar rush...and then leaving! :) You are such a delight to be around, and I am so priveleged to have such a great friend like you! :O) Much love!


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Presley family said...

Ok, can I just tell you that you are the sweetest person EVER!!! I am so glad that we got to see each other before. I need to call you so we can catch up.thing have been CRAZY... yeah,,,, when is it not crazy in this house.