So, we recently got Bronco back from his dog training...so here he is:

Enjoying his very limited time in the house...(ON THE TILE ONLY!) :)

Bronco & Dustin practicing in the back yard

Dustin put in some hours putting down some pavers and a kennel for Bronco...and even put the tarpy thing over the top so Bronco would be protected from the elements...but Bronco has managed to rip a hole in it so he can look out the top and see what is going on in the neighborhood! (Will get that picture uploaded as soon as I take it!) :)

Bronco is a really good dog...and his hunting training is really helping him here. "Woah" is the command for him! He KNOWS that Dustin is the Alpha dog, but Bronco thinks he is my protector or something because he doesn't listen to me very well. He will when it comes to practicing the woahing in the backyard like you see Dustin doing in the video, but other times...not so much...we're working on that!

Dustin really loves this dog...it makes me smile!

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