The LONGEST "Happy Holidays" post EVER! :)

So, we recently got back from our vacation....We had a blast, but are loving sleeping in our own bed in our home! :)

Our vacation started wonderfully when that snow storm hit Cali, and they shut down the 5. So, Dustin slept in his truck in a parking lot (because there was no room in the inn....) :) and waited until they opened the freeway. (& the 58 was closed due to snow and fog...so no matter what we were trapped!) The 5 was supposed to open at 8am Thursday morning, but some over confident dude broke through the barrier, slid off the road and killed a Cal-Trans worker...shutting down the freeway for another two and a half hours! The finally opened it, and he made it home safely!

We left about 2 hours later...(Dustin was already sick of the car...)

We made it to Vegas, and went to the Bass Pro Shop. Seriously, that is the coolest store ever!!! I bought Dustin a T-shirt and a brush guard for Bronco. (Which is too small, so I need to take it back and exchange it...) We went and met up with Lauren and her boyfriend Matthew for dinner at the Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Casino. (It is a must eat place whenever visiting Vegas!)

We continued our long drive to Utah. Decided that between three of us (Dustin, Dad, and me) that we should make it straight through. Dad did the next leg of the driving. Dustin got in a powernap and then took over about Cedar because dad was fallin' asleep. The roads were super icy and snowy and Dustin didn't trust me to drive in it...which is good, because I wouldn't want to!

We made it to Morgan about 6am, and went and crashed! Woke up to a text...and couldn't fall back asleep! :(

We headed down the hill on unplowed roads after breakfast, and met up with Jennifer. She needed Dustin's expertise on an automatic car starter for Clark...and in the process Dustin bought new speakers for Big Red! (my car!) (Which I am totally glad we took instead of his!!! 4 wheel drive ROCKS!) She was in need of new speakers. In our old ward, Dustin was in the young mens, and the young men decided to rock out during scout camp and blew out my ancient speakers. They were making crackly noises...and it drove us NUTS! (Young men no longer have control of the noise level!)

Ludene, my cute mother-in-law was so EXCITED for us to come down! She hosted the annual Davis family Christmas party this year...and had her house decked! She is the biggest Christmas fanatic I know...and I simply love it! The roads were HORRIBLE getting down there! It took us seriously 3 hours from Ogden! The roads were unplowed and people were EVERYWHERE! Holy hannah...Utah drivers!!!!! (One thing I love about Cali...is they know how to drive!) :)

We finally made it there and started unpacking and Dustin started shoveling her driveway! Kristie, Aj, and the kids finally made it...and we had fun playing and getting ready for dinner!

The Christmas party for the Davis' was on Saturday. We went shopping, shopping, and shopping and then went to get ski rentals for Kristie's family. While there, Dustin got me an early present of new snow stuff! I totally love it...and I look pretty cute I might say! (Need to get picture of it....it is sexy!) :)

We had our annual dinner at Litza's and went and opened presents back at Ludene's. Everyone totally got spoiled and we had so much fun! :)

Went and saw Tale of Desperaux after....was the LONGEST movie of everyone's life...cute story...but way drawnout and lost my attention! (When the kids were asked if they wanted to see it again...they said no!) :)

Went snowboarding at Park City on Sunday. Had a blast! My nephew Treagan is a total ski machine! :) He "totally caught some sweet air" on a little jump! :)

We went Snowboarding almost everyday...and we enjoyed every minute of it! Went and played Wii at Kimberlee and Kai's house on Sunday night while Dustin went and helped his Dad with some of his electronic stuff.

Dustin went boarding on Monday without me...I was S-O-R-E-!-!-! I hung out with my mom and lil sis and we went and ran some errands! (Even got to go and visit my old dentist because my temporary crown fell off!) ***(Yes...I had to have a root canal) :(

Whenever we head to Utah, we totally have places to eat that we MUST fit in! Monday night was Mandrine House in Layton, Nielsens for dessert...and on Tuesday night we headed to Goodwood for dinner with my fam! Totally yummy! Even though I spilled my full rootbeer all over....it was still fun! :)

We headed over to Kimberlee's house for a round two of Dustin vs. Kai in Madden. When they came here, it was pretty intense...but in the end...Dustin won!!!! Dustin wasn't on his best game at Kimberlee's but I think in the whole championship....I think we dominated! :)

Christmas Eve we went boarding at Snowbasin with Yellie. She is so good! We went up the gondola. It was SO windy up there! But I made it down! And for all of your information: I TOTALLY CARVED!!!! YEAH! (Haven't been able to do that for...well...since I started!) Yellie got tagged by some kid, and they tumbled down the mountain! She cried for a minute or two, then toughed it up and made it down! A hug and a joke from Dustin always makes it better...right?! Oh, but this gets better....Dustin makes it down (I was already at the bottom...just because I'm that good...no, I sat that run out...) but like ten minutes goes by...no Danielle! Apparently, she got stuck in a fence! :) HA ha!

We had the pleasure of having lunch with Kimberlee while we were up there! She is an x-ray tech up there. So if you ever need an x-ray at Snowbasin...chances are...you might meet my sister! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at my mom's house. She made lasagna...which is totally good...and then grandma and grandpa gave us a quarter book! They've been working on it forever, and we totally love it! Thank you!

Santa came and we all got spoiled! He brought Dustin a gun cleaning kit and me some new snowboard bindings. :) Thank you Dustin for the pants and perfume too! My butt looks great...and I smell like Ed. :)

Later in the afternoon, we made the rounds to all our nieces and nephews to see what Santa brought them! It was a lot of fun! We watched Dustin, Carter, and Paigy get all worked up with the Wii fit! (I totally want one!) It was a lot of fun!

We went back to my mom and dad's for a game of Uno Attack! It was fun...and hilarious all at the same time! Hilarious because it started getting later and later...and we were all exhausted! Everything gets funny once you cross a certain point!

The next morning, we found out that my Grandma LaNae's party was being moved because of the weather. We were sad, but the safety of everyone is very important. The party did go on, but without us....we were in St. George when it started...on our way back. :( Wish we could have been there...we sure missed all of you! We even missed out on Casey (Amy's new husband) eating pickled herring. (A tradition in my family...they all LOVE it! But it is seriously the most disgusting thing ever! But newcomers have to try it to be "welcomed" into the family!)

Friday morning, Dustin stayed in Morgan to help his dad find out what was wrong with his furnace...and helped install a new TV in his kitchen. (My hubby is such a technical geek....I love it!) I went down the hill and met up with Kimberlee and Kai and we went to Marley and Me! I totally loved it! Of course I bawled my eyes out! All of us but Kimberlee cried...she is heartless! :) JK!

After we went to the movie, we went back and chilled at Kimberlee's house and finished dinner. Dustin came and met up, and we went down to Salt Lake. We met up with our friends Scott and Nicole and went to the Jazz game. It was a lot of fun, and we were so glad to see them! :)

We made our long drive back to Cali on Saturday. Thankfully we didn't have any problems with driving other than they didn't plow any of the roads until Provo! :( We didn't head straight home though...we went to San Diego.

The company that Dustin used to work for and the company that his dad works for now (Praxair) administers oxygen to the San Diego Chargers. So as a Praxair employee he gets to stand on the sidelines and give oxygen to the players. He invinted Dustin and I, as well as the Adams' from Morgan. They built his barn and goat/chicken house in his back yard! :)

Me on the rocks @ La Jolla

San Diego Temple

The following pictures are a few pictures that Dustin took while on the sidelines. They had so much fun down there! (Unfortunately, I couldn't be down on the field, but we had awesome seats. It was kinda scary being a Bronco's fan in a Charger's stadium! :/

Even though our team got beat....It was still fun to go!

Thank you Eddie D. for the tickets! We always have so much fun...we appreciate how thoughtful you are! We sure love you! (Don't tell anyone...but you are by far my FAVORITE father-in-law!) :)

We've made it home...and are finally back to normal. (Whatever normal is...) We've got the electrician here putting lights up in our house....now I can take pictures! :)

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Years! :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We always take our camera, but never take pictures! :( If any of you have any cute pictures from us being in Utah...please email them to me! :)

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Wow! Sounds like you had a fun trip! We just did the drive to and from Cali a few days ago so I feel your pain!