Happy Birthday Bims!

Today is my favorite older sister's birthday! In honor of her, and her lucky number 42...I will write 42 things...about HER! :)

1. She is 4 years older than me!
2. She is taller than 6 feet!
3. She is too smart for her own good!
4. She is very ambitious!
5. She always looks for the best in everyone!
6. She is a fun loving person to be around!
7. She is a great cook!
8. She is very creative!
9. She graduated from Snow College & Weber State!
10. She once tried to rip a bra off of me...
11. She came to Japan with me.
12. She has a great sense of humor!
13. She has the greatest work ethic!
14. She loves to travel!
15. She married a GREAT guy!
16. She wears a size 11 shoe!
17. She wears scrubs on a regular basis!
18. She is a Radiation Therapist!
19. She has a good heart!
20. She makes people feel comfortable!
21. She is very shy at first
22. She has really cute handwriting!
23. She never ceases to amaze me!
24. She is a strong person!
25. She has been locked out of her running car, by her dog, at a gas station.
26. She has a great sense of style!
27. She got me to join facebook!
28. She is my inspiration!
29. She is adored by many!
30. She parties 42 days before her birthday!
31. She will have the most AMAZING party when she is 42!
32. She is the peacemaker...even though sometimes she is the silent starter!
33. She is great with saving $$!
34. She has a love for purses!
35. She is not a snuggler! (I've tried!)
36. She has several nicknames: Bims, Berlee, Bebe, Beebs, Bimbles...
37. She took a guitar class and is WAY better than me!
38. She has a cute decorated house!
39. She has two furry babies...Zeus and Athena!
40. She is a great sister!
41. She is a great listener!
42!!! She is my best friend! :)

I love you bims! Hope you have a great birthday...and all your wishes come true! xoxox Karen!


Denny And Benita said...

I love this!!!

Kimberlee and Kai said...

AAAHHHH shucks! Aren't you just cute? Thanks!

Nicole and Scott said...

So sweet! By the way thanks again so much for your card. You are so sweet. We can't wait to see you guys when you come down!