After a hard days work

Eddie came in town this weekend to pick up his doggy from Ron our amazing trainer. You should see how fun Eddie was having working with his new found love. He was struggling at first as I don't think my dad has ever had a dog that minds. Zak was doing exactly what he told him to do. He was pumped!!! (The dog and my Dad)

Eddie and I brought Zak home from Bakersfield last night and Bronco and Zak played for the first time. At first Bronco was not sure if he was tooooo excited about having another dog in his domain but after about five minutes he was in seventh heaven with his new found buddy.

The boys started playing early today "5:00AM" as I had to take my dad to the airport. Karen was the lucky one who got to stay home and play with two overly hyper dogs. Fun for her! Really I don't think that was what Karen was thinking. I am sure she was thinking bad words in her head, as she was in a dead slumber when I woke her to tell her the boys were hers. LOL

They have been playing all day and the above picture is a result of all the play time. Zak even had the opportunity to visit the beach for his first time. I don't think he liked the sand.

All in all it was a great day!

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Denny And Benita said...

Looks like they wore each other out!!