Dustin and I started our little adventure yesterday morning. We were both out the door by 5:15 am to get to work and get as much work in as we both could. I left the office around 1 ish, and we were on the road by about 2. Traffic going towards Vegas wasn't too shabby, but it was better than I had anticipated. It slowed a few times for a few looky-loos at people getting pulled over and then for a little truck that lost it's load. (Dustin said that the trailer they were pulling was overloaded...) There was stuff all over the road!

We made a stop in Vegas to let Bronco and Zak out, and Dustin needed to make a detour at the Bass Pro Shop. :) We stopped at Jack in the Box on the way out and all have to say about that is--I AM OVER IT! Everytime I go there it totally is not a good experience. It took about 10 minutes before they would take my order and then when we got back in the car and on the road I realized they messed up on our order....but it was too late to turn around. (I asked for a chicken sandwhich NO bacon...and got a cheesburger with bacon & BBQ sauce...) At least their milkshakes rock.

I took over the drive from Vegas and drove to Beaver. It was about 11:30 (Utah time) pm... not too bad! Let the dogs out to play and get some energy out. It smells so good here this time of year, I have kind of forgotten. But with the great outdoor smell comes the allergies...I think we need to stop and get some non drowsy allergy stuff.

We made it to Morgan about 3 am (Utah time) Let the dogs play and got a little settled. Dustin's dad has a chicken coup in his backyard, and Bronco kept pointing out the chickens...he is such a good little hunting dog! Zak is such a sweetie! I haven't seen him much in hunting action, but it will be fun to see them together in action!

We went over this morning and had breakfast with my mom dad and lil sis Yellie at Larry's Spring Chicken Inn. It was good to visit with them and we are excited to seem them when we come back down from the cabin. :) My dad has been working on his deck cover and it looks great! He is so talented. We let their dog Gracie (Boston "Terrorist" #2) play with Zak and Bronco...it was quite hilarious!

We left about an hour ago, and we are on our way to Island Park, Idaho to Dustin's family cabin. About three-ish more hours and we are there. (We are at the 15/84 Junction where you can go to Pocatello or Boise..)

I think I am going to take over for Dustin in driving, he is getting heavy eyes...(Can't see how that can happen with only 3 hours of sleep.) :)

I am going to try to keep this blog updated with our happenings, so stay tuned.

:) Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July! God Bless America!


Denny And Benita said...

Sounds like the beginning of a great vacation!!! I've always liked road trips! Have fun and have a Happy Fourth of July!! Love ya!

Ms. Hatch said...

Karenkay! Sounds like a fun Vacay. CALL ME SISTER!!!!