San Diego--Spontaneous Adventure #3

So....make fun of us if you want, but I would have to say I was rather impressed. We decided to go and see David Archuleta while at the San Diego Fair. For purchasing $43 dollar tickets (and that included the $13 admission fee to get into the fair...and sitting on the 6th row) It was a pretty good deal. We were surrounded by teenage girls (some tweens) and old ladies.....and one random old dude. It was hilarious. Can't believe we went, but he is a pretty good singer, and I can't say that I didn't enjoy myself. I think Dustin and I were the ONLY people who didn't know any of his songs.

This chick opened for him. Her name is Aja Alycean. She is 13 or 14 years old. SHE CAN SING!!! We thought that she had better stage presence than David Archuleta! She was amazing. I am trying to find out a little more information on her.

She was that good.

Here is a video I pulled from YouTube. It works better than the one I took at the concert. So...I can't figure out how to upload videos from YouTube. (if anyone knows how, please teach me...)
Trust me...you'll be impressed!


Yellie's World said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Happy Anniversary... i'm sure I spelt that wrong... but get over it :D Love you guys and I'm glad I got to see you for your visit to Utah... I love you both and I'm glad you're my bro in law Dustino... love yellie

Anonymous said...

Karen, YOU have an amazing voice if you would but let it out... share what God has given you...

Love Dad