San Diego--Spontaneous Adventure #2

We decided to go check out the San Diego Fair in Del Mar while we were down there and had fun checking out all the animals. I've decided that Cali fairs are so much different then Utah Fairs. Here it seems to be more of a art festival/swap meet + rides + deep fried twinkies + sheeps :)

Here are some pictures of us in the agricultural area. (This was my favorite part...) FYI

Dustin petting one of the sheeps. (Yes, I know the word is sheep, but I would rather say "sheeps") (...because...I can.) :)

His hands were stinky after petting all of the animals. Thank goodness for soap.

I love this picture.

I don't know who enjoyed this more. Dustin because he was petting them all. The sheep, because who doesn't like a good scalp massage...or me, because I was busting a gut because he was smiling. (Make the picture bigger...trust me...his little teeth are showing.) :)

Me and the albino cow. They were so clean and cute...

Dustin and the cows.

Mom...this picture is for you. My mom LOVES Llamas!

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