John Wooden Visit

After picking up everyone from the airport, Ludene and I headed back towards Orange County while Dustin, Eddie, and Carter headed up to the Valley. The Wednesday before, Dustin had the awesome opportunity to attend the Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden's 99th Birthday breakfast. Well once the boys got up to the Valley, they went to the resturant that John has breakfast at everyday and had breakfast with Mr. Wooden. Dustin even had to butter and jam John's English Muffin. :) Here are some pictures of their adventure:

Jimmy (John's son & Dustin's employee), Carter, and D

Another shot of Dustin, Jimmy, and Carter

Coach John Wooden and Carter

D, Carter, John, Eddie

Another shot of D, Carter, John, and Eddie

A great article was written about John Wooden in the LA Times. You can read it by clicking HERE. By Dustin's great opportunities to meet this extordinary man, I have learned so much and hope that we can all learn from him. He wasn't just a basketball coach, but a motivating legend.

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