4d Ultrasound Video

I love living in California. I really do.

However, I miss Utah too.

It's hard having our families be a million miles away, especially with the new baby on the way.

But....I love technology. :)

When we went to go get the 4d ultrasound of our baby girl, we were able to get a movie.

My techno-awesome husband burned it and saved it so we could show everyone.

We're making some DVD's for the grandparents too. :)

I can't believe how neat this is that we could actually SEE her!

Now we just can't wait to get her here.




**Note: The music will start, but the first 15-30 seconds is just the "snowy" image. The ultrasound tech handn't started yet. But hey, at least the gooey jelly stuff they put on my tummy was warm. :)


Watson Family said...

That is adorable!!! I can't wait to meet her and... love and kiss her.

jackie said...

aww that is so cute! i love the
4d ultrasounds! your baby will be so darling! i'm excited for you:)

Kai and Kimberlee said...

I can see both of you in her!!! She will be a cutie!