Oh Baby!

On a whim yesterday evening, Dustin and I decided to go and get a 4d ultrasound to check out our little baby. Dustin wanted to make sure that we were "really having a girl." :) (It's confirmed again--our baby is a GIRL!)
It was fun and kind of makes it feel more real that we have a little girl coming our way. I think that she is a spitting image of Dustin, but has my lips. They measured the circumfrence of her head and she has a big noggin...total Davis trait, and she has short lil legs...just like her daddy. She doesn't appear to have any more hair than peach fuzz...which is a Kay trait. (I was bald until I was 2....)
We are pretty excited to meet our lil girl!

^^^I think she looks especially like D in this one. ^^^

^^^"Shout out to my peeps!^^^ (Big Yawn!) :)

The U/S tech caught her sticking her tounge out...

^^^Sucking her thumb^^^
^^^Picking her nose^^^
^^^"Mommy's #1!^^^
Smiling :)


Nicole said...

ah, so cute! Can't wait to see her!

Chelsie & Ryan said...

These are SOOOOO cute!! i reallly wish i would have done a 4d. congrats :)