Utah Baby Shower

On Friday February 19th, I flew to Utah. My mom and sisters threw a baby shower on Saturday...and I was the guest of honor. :) (Getting there was such an adventure...my flight was delayed an hour due to a late plane arrival, some guy puking in that flight and they had to clean the plane (they told us it was the pilot), and then the overhead bin wouldn't close...thank you to some guy that was ready to just go that smacked it really hard! It stayed shut and we made it to Utah 20 minutes later than we were supposed to.)
Be prepared for some picture overload! I didn't upload every picture that was taken, but I did upload quite a few. It was a fun get together, and we had a great turnout! It was so wonderful to see everyone and how much everyone has changed!
Directions to the party...
Nicole & Nixsen were our first guests of honor... :)
Grandma Ev, Crystal, Baby Leo, Brittany, Kristine, Canyon, Linda
My daughter's best friend Nixsen! (This girl is so adorable!) :)
Linda, Jessica, Me, TaLisha, "Aunt" Margo

My really good friend JoDee and her sweet baby Brody.
Grandma Ev, Crystal, Baby Leo, Sydney, Kristine
Melissa Triplett
Kyja, Shanda, Trish, Aunt Terree
"Aunt" Margo, Mom, Jessica, Ludene (my sweet mother-in-law), Aunt Teresa
Nicole, Nixsen, Kyja, Shanda, Trish
Uncle Dale!! :)
Aunt Robyn & Mom
I loved that my cute niece Sydney was all up in the action of opening the presents! She was helping my lil sister hand me the presents. This was her first baby shower! :) Kimberlee, my olders sis, was the scribe and wrote down all the presents that everyone brought for our baby girl. The following pictures are just a few of the wonderful gifts we received. Our daughter is definately spoiled...and I can't wait til she gets here to enjoy it! :)

My "Aunt" Cathie had this little bear knitted for our baby. Super cute!

This is one of the most beautiful dresses! My mom and dad picked out this dress for her. :)
My sister Kimberlee's mother-in-law Linda made these beautiful quilts for our baby. All of Linda's quilts are hand pieced. She picked out fabrics that have all the colors besides just pink. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you Linda!

This little thing is pretty cool! It is a blanket that covers the infant carseat carrier. It has little velcro loopy things sewn on to keep the blanket attached so it doesn't fall off.

My sweet mother-in-law gave us this sweet bath basket. It is full of towels, diapers, soap, toys, etc. I can't wait to use it!
Dustin's sweet Aunt JoAnn and Teresa came from Idaho to the baby shower! I haven't seen Aunt Teresa since we got married and Aunt JoAnn since my nephew's babtism in January. (Need to blog about that too...) :) These ladies are so sweet and I hope they know that I consider them MY aunts too! (Oh I kinda look skinny in this picture...I love black shirts!)
My sweet mother-in-law Ludene and me! I have the greatest mother-in-law and am blessed to have her in our life! She raised a wonderful son! xoxo
Me and Grandma LaNae. This is my mom's mom. Over Christmas she taught me and my sis how to knit. (Need to blog about that too...)
My friend Alison and I. In this picture she is 37 weeks and I am 30. (Either she is really small or I am really big...I think we look the same size, other than I carry higher than her.) Alison is expecting a baby girl as well. Can't wait for our daughters to play! :)

My cute niece Paigey Lou...I wish I could have this girl's curls! They are natural and I LOVE them!
This was funny. My Grandma Ev thinks pregnancy is a little wierd. She didn't want to see the ultrasounds and she never wants to feel the baby move. But at the baby shower, she actually wanted to...and I have proof. :) I love the one finger belly touch!

Grandma Ev and me.
I totally forgot to get a picture of the cake when it was whole...oops. (Pregnancy brain) but I loved the little stork and flowers on it! This cake was delicious! (I think I had like 5 pieces) :)
My photographer of the event--Aunt Diane :)
After the party was over...Mom, Yellie, Kimberlee, me, and Grandma.
We went and got our toes done after this...since we all had Franken-feet. I'll post about that later when my internet isn't so slow... :)
The baby shower was a lot of fun and I got to see so many friends and loved ones that I haven't seen in FOREVER! Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you for all the wonderful gifts!

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