Baby Shower After Party :)

After the baby shower, my sisters, mom, grandma and I went to the nail place to get our toes done. My mom goes in there quite often to get her nails filled, so they know our family pretty well. It was fun, not to mention it felt great...

Me--(TOTALLY having a great hair day!) ;)

My lil sis Yellie

Grandma Ev

Older Sis Kimberlee

Ok...so this is the ONLY picture I really got of my mom! She was flittin' around at the baby shower and sat down at the nail chairs after all of us girls. She had my brother in law Kai go and get all the left over balloons from the baby shower and give them to the nail place lady's daughters. Here is my mom practicing her "grandma skills" and tying the balloons on Jasmine.

Kai bringing the balloons in for Kathy and Jasmine.

Kimberlee--here are some more pictures of Kai. These were the best ones...

Jasmine kept wanting Kai to play with her...
And then would let her balloons float up to the ceiling. "Help" and Kai would lift her up to get them. I think he had to lift her up like 15 times.

Our "frankenfeet"...:)

I think Yellie was pooped...I think she was sitting up one minute and fell over. She was like this for a solid 2 hours until Kimberlee and I woke her up to go to bed. (Our girls night was real eventful...) :)
The shower was so much fun, but we were all so exhausted! Thank you Mom, Kimberlee, and Yellie for such a fun party! Thank you everyone for all the fun stuff! I got the majority of everything to fit in one suitcase and all the other stuff my mom will bring out when our bundle of joy arrives. :)


Nicole and Scott said...

Looks like so much fun!

Yellie's World said...

Glad you could stick the pictures of me conked out! hah! I love you so much! You had such a great turn out at your party! You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family and great friends! I am so glad I got to see you and I can't wait to see you, dustin, and lil' nellie! Love you!