Yesterday, Marissa made her Sunday debut and attended church for the first time. She was such an awesome baby and slept the whole entire time. Daddy kept wanting to pinch her so he could join the other dads out in the foyer. :)

Here are pictures of us. She looked so darn cute.

Mommy & Marissa

She finally fits into her shoes! :)

Daddy & Marissa

He keeps her looking so peaceful! :)

We have a lot of pictures to upload of her, which I will get to as soon as I can. We are heading to Utah this weekend and will be blessing her on Sunday June 6th in Morgan. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures of the Davis Happenings... :)


Nicole said...

I was wanting to see more pictures!!! Karen, you don't even look like you had a baby. You look better than I do already and I am 4 months ahead of you!!! Hope all is well!!

The Baltazars said...

karen, she is so cute!! and tiny! love her outfit! :]