11 weeks 3 days

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is almost 3 months old! I know that I haven't been the best at blogging...so here are a few pictures. (Blogger is being wierd right now and won't let me upload...I will upload more in a while...I promise.)

She is lookin' pretty stylin in her Angels outfit. She is getting to be a little chunky monkey..and I LOVE IT!

She had her immunizations this day...so she wasn't really a happy camper, but she still looks cute with her daddy!

Cute lil swimmer! (She HATED the pool...)

Holdin' her head up!

Her first smile that I was able to catch on camera... :)

The Davis Family--Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Marissa is such a wonderful little baby! She gives us at least 6 hours at night, and is a happy & content baby during the day! She is a little snuggle bug right after she eats and when she is super sleepy....other times she likes to be independent and look around. She is starting to like her swing and will just chill in there! She is a great little eater and has just started to get lil baby chunk! We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and she is already a whopping 11 pounds 2 ounces and 25 1/4 inches! She smiles a ton and has giggled 2 times...both times for her daddy. I was there to witness them, but they were totally for her daddy!!! She loves her mommy and daddy, and is a happy girl most of the time, but she really lights up when Dustin walks in the room! It's cute! She has rolled over 3 times. All of them were when we were in Utah, and she hasn't done it since...close, but not all the way. She calms instantly when a blankey is on either side of her cheeks and a binky is in her mouth! :) She loves to stand with the help of mommy or daddy and loves to be held looking out. She smiles at herself in the mirror and loves to go on walks in her stroller. She is starting to be a little curious of Bronco and has stuck her finger up his nose when he was smelling her. (Freaked them both out a little...) :) She loves being talked to and sung to and is happiest in the morning. She loves bathtime, but has an issue SOMETIMES when it comes to getting dressed. She actually likes having her diaper changed and smiles when she is a naked baby! :) She has started to suck on her hands lately...I think she may be left handed because she is most dominant with that hand. She has a tiny giraffe named "Gary" that she is starting to recognize and react to....she loves to snuggle with him and lick his face. (Yes...lick) She is also a little drooley monster! :)

We really love her and feel so blessed that she is part of our family!


Nicole said...

Can't believe she is already 3 months old!! Good talking to you the other day. I will have to call again when my kids aren't screaming in your ear!! Can't find you on facebook. See if you can find me. It's under "Nicole Smart Barker". talk to you soon. She is a doll! can't wait to meet her!

Kai and Kimberlee said...

She is sure cute!!! I miss you two so stinking much!!! XOXOXO

Nicole and Scott said...

She is beautiful...glad you are documenting all the events she does...I somethimes think Nixsen has a more happenin life then me!