365 Day Challenge

Lets face it, this past year I've really stunk at updating the blog.

Sorry about that.

I've posted the first year of Marissa's life on facebook...but I'm kind of starting to get over facebook. I read this article in LDS Living about how digital media is affecting society and am thinking that by me checking facebook a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I'm missing my baby girl growing up! She is such a cutie pie, so full of personality and love...I wish I could just hit pause!

I realized that I still stalk all these amazing blogs, but I don't even update mine. Really?! Really! So, here is my inspiration. I'm taking a little step back from my internet-ness, but keep a brief daily update to those who care to check it out...

My friend, Nicole, is doing this 365 day challenge. I'm going to give it a try. This challenge is to post something everyday that makes me happy and makes my life great! I have so many wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for, I think I need to spend a few minutes writing them down and sharing what makes my life wonderful.

I've been inspired to blog again, so here it goes.

Day 1.

I love my lil munchkin! I love how happy she is all the time. I love that she is so curious and adventurous. I love watching her learn something new and get so excited.

I also love my new hair. I feel like a sexy mama. :)

But seriously, how cute is she in her lil jammies smiling for the camera before bedtime?! D was out of town on a little business trip for a night and we sent this as a goodnight picture. (Ok, I'll be honest, this picture was taken on Wednesday...but my phone is dead with all the pictures I took today and I just love this lil critter!) 

She has been starting to cackle and laugh more...she has the funnest personality! She jib jabbers like we understand what she is saying, loves books, her toys, and Bronco. She LOVES her daddy and lights up whenever he walks in the room. I love when she crawls over and gives me loves, even with how slimey they are! She makes waking up each day exciting! She is so smart, too smart! She is so close to walking, it's crazy! I can't believe my little baby is almost a year old!!! Where does the time go?

So, my inspiration is back. Stay tuned...the best is yet to come.

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Nicole DeAnne said...

KAREN! I am so pleased that you started to blog again! I am definitely adding this to my blog roll! I love it!
I absolutely love having you in my life Karen. You bring happiness into my life.
Thanks for being so wonderful!