Sweet Cheeks

Our sweet baby girl turned 1!

I can't believe we have a ONE year old!

She is so much fun. This is by far my favorite stage of mommyhood!

She LOVES her bear. She loves to feed him and give him loves.

I love this picture I took of her and "Bear Bear" yesterday. She was sitting so cute out on the driveway and I couldn't not take a picture.

I love her sweet innocence, funny personality, little laugh, and cute smile! I love this little girl more than I ever thought loving something was possible!

More to come on her birthday celebration(s)! :)

Love you sweet cheeks! You bring so much joy to our lives.

Happy First Birthday Love!

Yes, I know I fell off the 365 day blogging challenge.

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Casey and Amy said...

Can't beleive she is a year! How fun!