Presidents Day Weekend :)

This weekend, we had family in town. My mom and dad, sister, cousin, and their foreign exchange student Pepe came to visit. They haven't seen our new little place here in Long Beach yet, and there is about 4 feet of standing snow in their front yard & they needed a break! Plus I think they wanted to visit their favorite daughter/sister/cousin that lives in Cali! :) We had a lot of fun! They brought us our wedding pictures...which are beautiful by the way! ;) and they were suprised to see Bronco! He has seriously doubled in size since the last time we saw them! When they got here we went to the Queen Mary. There was a Celtic Fair going on and there were men in skirts all over the place! It was kind of neat hearing all the bagpipes and drums! There was even this little kit playin' and swingin' the drums all over the place! It was cool! Dustin and Danielle were having spitting contests to see who could get the biggest spit ball to land in the water first...I don't know if that is exactly what they were doing...but it sure looked like it! We also went to Huntington Beach to take Bronco to a dog beach and Danielle and Pepe wanted to play in the water...I don't think that they believed me that it was going to be cold! :) But we got some cute pictures of them playing in the water! It was a very eventful weekend! We went to Disneyland & California Adventure, and had a lot of relaxing down time as well!

pepe & yellie freezin' in the ocean!

me & mom watching everyone play @ HB dog beach

We went to this awesome BBQ Place in Belmont Shores and after expoloring in this pet store, and Dustin made friends with this bird named Chloe! Apparently this bird wont come off the top of her little cage unless she likes the person...and she liked Dustin! ;) It was so cool! Everyone in the store was stopped just watching Dustin play with this bird!

so...i dared pepe to eat one of bronco's beef liver dog training treats

he wouldn't eat it, but it was sure hilarious watching him try!

he was scared he would get worms...

pepe, yellie, mom, heidi, & dad

dad, me, & mom @ HB pier

my mom & dad

I was SO excited to see Mickey! The last time I went to Disneyland with Kristie and her family, we didn't really see any characters, and this time we saw quite a few! We were the only people in the line taller than 4 feet! :) We also saw Pluto over at California Adventure! (There were more Disney characters at California Adventure than there were at Disneyland)

the girls & the disneyland castle!

going 3D (*honey i shrunk the audience)

me & mom

me & dad @ monsters inc.

Ok...so this is pretty hilarious...well, at least it is to me! So we were rushing to head into Pirates of the Caribbean, and we needed to step over a little rope thing, and just as my dad did, his pants ripped almost down to his knee! I think what made it even better is the fact that my sister almost fell over laughing because this happened right in front of her! She thought at first she ripped her pants! So thanks dad! This made it to the "Highlight of Disneyland" category!

Overall, we had a great weekend! Dustin is now out and about working, and everyone has gone home, so it's just me and Bronco. I miss 'em all! Can't wait to have them here again!

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