Bronco the Shorthaired Pup...

So, we've been getting everything all set up to have Bronco either go back to Utah at "Fast Eddies Farm" :) or he is going to go to Bird Dog Training up in Victorville. He is finally old enough to go to school... :) He's been growing up so fast lately! He can FINALLY jump in the car by himself...as well as our bed! (Caught us both by surprise!) We've been lucky to have such a great dog...it will be sad to see him leave! :( He never once ate one bit of our furniture! (THANK GOODNESS!) He only barks or does this cute little growley thing when he wants to play, or is thirsty! Last night while we were watching American Idol, he decided that he was pooped out and tired and he went into his kennel all by himself! I didn't even have to force him! He just walked in and layed down! He looked so cute! Dustin went and took some pictures of him...the flash kind of made his eyes look funky..but just seeing him laying in there was cute! :)

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