...park place b11 girls!

Yesterday, was my good friend Brookie Hatch's birthday. It has been a while since I've talked to her, and we started talking about some good times that we had when we were roommates our first year of college. Even though girls can be girls, I would have to say that this is the year of college that I had the most fun!

Our fun college memories

Mufasa :)

Dancing and singing on the couch

Brooke's 1001 things to make with Saltine Crackers

The middle grass

Water fights

Scaring each other

Locking me and Brooke outside when it was 4 degrees (& taking pictures) grr!

Western Swing

Fat Jacks

Los Amigos

89 cents Diet Coke Runs

Watching creepy Matt on his romantic date to McDees! haha

Temple Runs

Chester Challenge

Having a BLAST at the Olive Garden

Midnight fashion shows (Brooke did not appreciate!)

Jonah the fish


Dress up

We had some fun times! I sure miss these girls!

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Ms. Hatch said...

I will NEVER forget getting Danielle out of the shower and making her come with us to go and see Matt on his creepy McDonalds date! It was so funny I am pretty sure we should have peeed our pants laughing! And the time you and I were coming back and pretended to have a flat tire, and then everyone freaked and got mad at us. Holy cow that was funny!