My mind just keeps replaying and replaying the Lee Greenwood song of Proud to be an American...could be that Dustin sings it all the time, but still...it is the time to recognize our pride to be able to live in this country!

I'm proud to live in such a wonderful country! I'm proud to have the freedoms that I have, to have rights and privleges! I am so greatful for all those men and women all over the world serving with their lives to keep this country free!

I am very proud of my brother...Denny! Dude, thank you so much for giving your time to our country so that we can all have freedoms! You make me proud! I love you so much and miss you more than you will ever know! Can't wait to see you again!!! (COME VISIT!)

This 4th of July weekend, was very relaxing for Dustin and I, and we had so much fun! On the 4th, we got up and ate breakfast...watched a movie, got cleaned up a bit, and then headed down towards Huntington Beach. We went and layed on the beach and caught some rays...then went to Coldstone...yummy! We went home and cooked some steaks...watched another movie, then walked down to Walmart to see if we could find our plant "Henry" a plant sibling, but Walmart did not have a very good selection! So we hurried back home and then we put on our swimsuits and headed for the roof! It was so beautiful to sit in the hot tub, relax and watch fireworks all over the valley! The fireworks down by the Queen Mary were beautiful! I couldn't believe how long that the show went! Holy Hannah it was like 45 minutes! :)

On Saturday, Dustin and I decided that we were going to go kayaking! It was so much fun just cruising around Huntington Harbour! (Other than my legs are crisp!) They hurt so so SO bad! I am now fond of Banana Boat Aloe Vera Lotion... not only does it make my legs feel better, but it smells devine! I seriously have to go buy this stuff in bulk before they take all the sunscreen stuff out of the stores because it will be the end of summer before we know it! I don't even know if they have this at our local "hood" Walmart! I got it for a wedding present...someone knew me well! :)

After our kayaking adventure, we headed up to Target...and we got us another little plant. I have no idea what she is...yes...our new plant is a girl. Dustin named her Helga. So now we have a Henry and a Helga! (I still need to get a picture!) The tag said foliage, but what kind, I don't know. Maybe when I post a picture all you green-thumbs will be able to tell me! Helga kind of reminds me of my mom's little "Dr. Suess" tree that she used to have...(until it was in my room and someone (Yellie) forgot to water it...and it died while I was at college!) Then we got two little pots, because we still have some leftover dirt, so we bought some seeds. And we are growing cosmos (my plant) and some columbine (Dustin's plant) I have been so excited because mine started sprouting today! :) YEAH! I'm not a bad plant mom! :) So...our plant parenting has been a plus so far!

We rented three movies on Saturday, and we watched 2 Saturday night. (We've been on a MAJOR movie kick lately!) We watched The Bank Job and Shutter. The Bank Job was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. It had a lot of action, and a pretty good story line without a lot of dragging on. Shutter was kind of creepy, but had a good thought to it! I enjoyed it even though I was half covering my eyes on the suspenseful jumpy parts! :)

Sunday, we got up and went to church. I really enojoy testimony meetings, especially in Relief Society. I know that sometimes I complain about church and having to go so butt crackishly early, but in the end, I really enjoy the feeling I have afterwords! (Oh, and church is at 8, and we have to leave by 7:30 to make it on time...yeah, it kills me!) (Not my morning loving husband mind you!) This Sunday in Relief Society they talked about Visiting Teaching and why it is important. I have no idea who my visiting teachers are, and I really haven't had that experience. I mean I was always around when my mom's visiting teachers came around, and I loved being there when they came, but once I was in college, I never really had them come around. When I moved to California, I had one in Corona, that came a few times, and it was so nice! I will have to agree with everything that was said at church. Visiting Teaching is VERY important! It gave me that chance to make friends, and not feel like I was alone at church. More than anything I missed my family back in Utah, I was still getting used to being married, and I just felt like I needed someone! My visiting teacher was just so sweet! She would call me just to see how things were going, and when we saw each other at church she would always give me a hug...I felt like I had a friend and some sort of familiar-ness when we went to church. Now that we've been living in Long Beach for quite a while, I feel like my little ward is more like a family! I love each one of them, regardless of if we can understand each other's language or not! I just got a new visiting teaching assignment, and I can't wait to start on it. I know that it is so important to do that, and I am going to make that my new goal...to make friends with these sisters, and make them feel as welcome as they make me feel!

Ok...enough of my ramblings right? I'm not quite done...so hang in there ok?

Today has been very emotional for me! I always miss Dustin when he is out of town, but more than ever I miss him right now! Dustin is currently in Idaho, getting ready to speak at his Aunt Donna's funeral tomorrow morning. I didn't really know Aunt Donna that well, and I think I only met her two or three times...one of those times being my wedding! What I loved most about her is her love for her family. From the first time that I met her, she made me feel welcome and at home even though she could tell that I was a little hesitant! She loved her family more than anything, and you could tell! Dustin and Aunt Donna were pretty close, and as he's been getting prepared to head off to the great potato state, I have learned so many wonderful stories about this woman!

A funny story about Aunt Donna! Last year, at our wedding in Utah, Dustin and I were getting ready to head out the door to go on our honeymoon when Aunt Donna stopped Dustin and I and said, "Now you know that the family reunion is tomorrow and you're going 'aren't cha'?" She was totally serious too! This year the reunion was scheduled for this past 4th of July weekend, but it was cancelled due to her declining health...but Aunt Donna I'm about 100% sure that she made sure that the family reunion happened, because they are all up there in potato land together, celebrating life of a wonderful woman!

I know that death can be a hard thing, a sad thing, and sometimes a sit down and bawl your eyes out thing...but I love knowing that through Heavenly Father's plan for us, that death is not the end...it is only the beginning. Knowing that I have some loved ones up there waiting for me makes me want to the best that I can down here on earth so that I can see them again! I have Aunt Donna, and my Grandpa Denny, and many other wonderful relatives on both sides...even on Dustin's family! I can't wait to meet his grandparents! :) I guess that's why they call it the Great Plan of Happiness right?

Ok..I'm finished now! I'm done rambling on and on and on! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Once again I'm proud to be part of this country, and I'm proud to be an American!

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Angela said...

Loved this post...just reminds us that death is actually a beginning, not an end. We really do just need to try every day to be better...oh man, I have a long way to go!