We are officially a "green thumb" family...and our
little plants are doing so good! :)

Pictured in the middle is the one and only "Henry"...our anniversary plant. He has grown almost double in size! The little pot to the left that has little sprout-y things...(that would be my plant thank you very much!) my cute little sister, Yellie, named him "Harold" to keep the "H" theme going on. The plant to the left is named "Jalopeno" or "Hal-o-peno." :) (That would be Dustin's plant...) Well Jalopeno hasn't really grown much, but I think those seeds take longer than mine did! I can't wait for them to grow, because Columbine is one of my favorite flowers. My mom has them in her little garden every year! My plant is Cosmos. I can't wait for them to bloom!

Well, I better not forget about "Helga"...My cute hubby named her! She's doing great, required a little TLC since the Target people were kind of neglecting her, but I have NO idea what she is...so for some of you other little "green thumb"-ers out there, help me out...I don't know what Helga is, and I want to make sure I take care of her right, find out if she is really an inside plant, how tall she gets, blah blah blah!

**picture of Helga will not upload...I will try again tomorrow!**

When I was in college, I took a class from Judie Erickson, and one of our assignments was to get a pot, plant some sort of plant...something green that required attention...and take care of it for the whole semester and come back at the end and present it in front of the class. Her whole purpose for this was to have our focus be on something else that was living other than ourselves...if we came back with it alive, we were probably ready for that next step in our lives...(aka: relationships) Sad to say, I failed this assignment...well, kind of! Shaniqua (my plant) was kind of alive. She was kind of green, but she wouldn't bloom flowers. :( Which was pretty much the whole reason I picked that plant! So I'm so happy that now that I'm in a pretty great relationship that I can keep plants alive... :)

We're not ready for that "next step" yet...so don't even ask! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the name Shaniqua! Classic!

Ms. Hatch said...

um karen my dear, I am a bit concerned that your posting about green things that have no heart beat, I am glad that you have a green thumb, but you just make me laugh! Thought I would just tell you that you and dustin should probably work on a new hobby.. ;)

julesttdmom said...

Yup, that's great..wink! I have a black thumb down to the bone! wink!! You never called.... let's shop!

Meg said...

Nice plants Karen. That's cool that you guys will be in Vegas! What are you going to do for Dustins birthday? Two of Trent's siblings come in that day and then my family is coming that weekend, so we might not be able to see you this time.