Family Fun in Bakersfield! :)

So, the first weekend we were in our new house, my cute mother-in-law, Ludene, came into town and helped us put our home together. Sadly...I didn't get any pictures, but I will when we go home to Utah! While she was here we went shopping! We went to some furniture stores and found our really cute table! (Thank you to Eddie and Ludene! We love our new table and it adds a lot to our home!) We even went down Buck Owen's Blvd...a few times! :) She helped us with her divine decorating skills...our house looks superb! It still needs a few finishing touches...but that will come with time! :) (Will post house pictures soon!)

The next weekend...after my long work week in the OC, my family came into town! I was so EXCITED! I first met up with my little sister! She flew into the Long Beach airport...and an awesome wonderful cute chica gave her these:

(they reminded me of her!) :)

So, our next stop was to go and pick up the parentals...With Yellie as my navigation (because my GPS wouldn't find the cruise terminal...) we found our way over to San Pedro and went in.. However, we were a little early, so we just looped around and exited until they were ready. (But while we were loopin... :) we saw them on the boat! NO joke! (we told them to jump...and we saw them jumpin!)

We decided to go check out downtown Long Beach...since it was 2 bridges away and bee-bop around unil the parentals were ready to be picked up. (My mom said I couldn't leave them there...because all the homeless people that are wandering around with luggage are people that got left on the boat pick up by their kids....she said I could NOT forget her!) :)

Here are some pictures of our 45 minute adventure:

The Yellster sitting down by the beach...It was such a beautiful day! :)

The boat "parking lot"! This is down by Shoreline Village! :)

She apparently did not see the sign "No pooping on sidewalk!"

Ok, so I KNOW this picture is sideways! (Don't have the program installed to edit them...) Anywhoodles...this just shows the goofyness of my seestor! :)

So just after the poo picture was taken...the male parental called...and said, "We are ready...please come and get us." So the Yellster and I made our way over this huge ginormous bridge and saw this boat....

The Saphire Princess

Ok, so that picture is from the internet...but the picture on my camera just doesn't do it justice! I'm not even kidding you...this boat is HUGE!!!!! It was so huge that there was NO WAY that it was going to fit under the bridge! (And the bridge...was GINORMOUS!)

Now is the time to insert funny story:
Funny Story:We had picked up the parentals...we were just following the long line of cars to exit the cruise terminal...I wasn't doing anything wrong, I mean I can't do anything but wait my turn. I wasn't even being impatient! (Which is HUGE if you know me!) :)

All of a sudden some traffic dude on a power trip...the only one blowing his wistle...starts pointing to me and yelling at me to go around. (Please note that I am in TRAFFIC and there is NO WHERE to go! :/

So, I now see what he is talking about and just about the time I step on my gas to go around to the next lane...the traffic dude on a power trip comes and bangs on my window! Not like a little knock knock knock! But no it was rattling my car window! "M'AM! UNROLL YOUR WINDOW!"

What did I do?? Oh that's right...I unrolled my window and stated in the same wonderful tone that he had given me, "I can hear YOU!" (Well because...I could!) It kind of threw him off for a bit that someone had talked back to his royal highness! His only remark was, "What-Ev-ER!" and then turned and walked away!

It was priceless!

Once that was out of the way...we could continue on with our trip up to Bakersfield. I let Yellie be the photograper of the trip and so here is our trip:

Princess Yellie...herself!

Female Parental...aka...Mama Seeta!

(She must still feel like she is on a boat...the picture is sideways!) :) haha

Male Parental...aka...Dadd-i-o

(Lost in conversation on our drive back!) :)

Yours truely

(We were going up a VERY steep hill!) :)

When we got to Bakersfield, we went on a grand tour of our house...unpacked, and got a little settled. (Watched Dustin pluck and cut up a pheasant that he and Bronco hunted...see previous post...) we went to a steakhouse that I LOVE called Tahoe Joes. Great food...and a cute little skiier man on their chocolate cake that is to DIE for. (Well not really "die" for...but it's just that good!)

Picture of cake I had from the first time I went to Tahoe Joes! :)

We had a lot of fun! It was a fun and relaxing weekend! We went on a little tour of Bakersfield, went and got stuff for our Sunday "Thanksgiving.." Which was the bomb diggity, by the way! And then recieved our Christmas present from Mom & Dad! They gave us some decorations and pillows for our house...and we LOVE them! :) They look so cute in our house!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of this...but we got EVERYONE to play RockBand! Yellie is a superstar on the drums...Dad got the hang of the guitar and is now better than me! (& I pretty much rock!) jk! :) Mom is a great singer as is Dustin! :)

We had to leave REALLY early on Monday to get them to the Long Beach airport to catch their flight back to SLC, but it was a fun weekend and I CANNOT wait to go to Utah to see them! :)

I am glad that they made it back home safely and that their arms weren't too tired! :)

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