2009 Davis Family Vacation

...on the road again...

On July 2nd around 2 pm, the awesome-ness of the Davis Family (as in D and myself) drove straight through to Utah (with Bronco & Zak tucked safely in the back) and made it to Morgan around 3:30 am. After getting about 4 hours of shut eye, we met up with my family for a lil breakfast at Morgan's own Larry's Spring Chicken Inn. It was good to see everyone and show my mom the doll I made for Scott & Nicole's little girl. (See post below...) or check out my mom's blog.

After a nice breakfast and visit, we started our next adventure. Driving to Island Park, Idaho. Dustin's family has a cabin up there. We both look kind of scary, but here is the first part of our adventure--the drive.

Driving on the 20 into Island Park. I love all the trees. On the side of the road in some of this foresty area there are signs that have what year the trees were planted. It was kind of cool to see how much the trees had grown in 20 years or so! Absolutely beautiful! Clear air and great smells!

Dustin--#1 driver EVER!

Me--#1 passenger EVER (scary..but #1)

The two of us...

(is it just me or does D kinda look like he is pain....)

Stay tuned for more of the Island Park adventure...

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Nicole and Scott said...

These look so fun! Scott and I desperately need a vacation!