Island Park--7/3-7/5

While on our Island Park Adventure, here are pictures of a few things we did. Just so you all know...I seriously am the worst picture taker in the whole world! (As in...if I want to take a picture I never have my camera. And if I do have my camera....I always forget to take pictures.) So if anyone has any cute pictures that they would like to share, please email them to me or post them on your blogs/facebook and I will "borrow" them myself. :)

We made it to the cabin around 3 pm (i think) and waited for everyone to come back from Pond's Lodge because the cabin door was locked. It was a good chance for Bronco and Zak to stretch their legs and run around a bit without the chaos of kids, people, ATV's, etc.

Once everyone arrived, we got started right away on the 4 wheelers and motorbikes. I cannot believe that my nephew Tregan is already riding a motorbike! (He told me this cute story about how he "caught some sweet air" before he wrecked on his bike. :) He has a battlewound on his arm...but he seems like a pretty tough kid!)

For the 4th of July, we went to the lake up there and enjoyed some wakeboarding and sun. Later that night we had a lil bbq. Tasty food, cute kiddos, lots of bugs...lots of fun. After that, we went down the road a bit to watch the fireworks. This was the LONGEST fireworks show that I have ever seen! No joke. They were sparatically going even when we were leaving. There were a few fireballs (like atomic fireball-ish) things that went off. Even though I still think they were a mistake, everyone keeps telling me that they are part of the show. Amber and I still thought they were pretty hilarious. (Amber is my niece...by the way.)

Sunday, we went down the river and just relaxed a bit. Everyone left by the afternoon. D and I took a nap and later went to Pond's for dinner. The chef came out and talked to us a bit...kinda cool. Nice guy. Lived in Long Beach a few years ago. Makes the most A-MA-ZA-ZING :) Chicken Noodle Soup. (With the big homemade noodles...) Yummy. I'm drooling just thinking about it!!!

Chuck, Liz, and their girls came up for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...but you will have to check back for that adventure. :)

Here are pictures:

Me with this old car in the middle of the forest that D and I found while on a 4 wheeler ride. (see wheelers in the back...)

My hott husbando with the old car.

D playing with Bronco & Zak in the river.

Zak taking a rest.

Bronco taking a rest.



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