Davis Vacation--Yellowstone National Park

When Dustin's family left, some friends of ours came up to the cabin. Chuck and Dustin have been friends since Dustin and he were in High School in Idaho. Chuck, his wife Liz, and their three adorable girlies Maridia, Bailey, and Whitney. I haven't seen their girls since Dustin and I were just dating and I couldn't believe how big they were! I didn't even know they had Whitney!!! (She must have been taking a nap or something when we saw her the first time.)

When they were up at the cabin with us we did a lot of 4-wheeling and relaxing, but my favorite part would have to be when we went into Yellowstone. It was a lot of fun, and I hope that you can tell by our pictures. I realized AFTER I uploaded them that they are completely in the wrong order, backwards in fact!

I didn't wear makeup the whole time I was on vacation, so if I look a bit scary...sorry. (I was camping!)

Sunset leaving Yellowstone...
D's photography skills...

Stuck in traffic trying to get out of Yellowstone. We seriously sat in this position, with the car off for about 30-40 minutes. They are reconstructing about 1000 feet of the road around the bend, so they would only let one way of traffic go at a time.
D at the waterfall
K at the waterfall

Buffalo"s"--Funny story, some dude behind us was totally stoked because of all the "bears"...we were all looking around trying to see the bears, but we never saw any the whole time we were in Yellowstone...that dude must have thought these buffalo were bears.
Chuck and the buffalo
Us and the buffalo"s" & YES we were that close. (I was so scared, hense the retarted look on our faces...) It took me forever to get out of the car. We were CLOSE as you can tell by the next few pictures.
Chillin in the car checking out the buffalo

Beautiful Yellowstone
D and a buffalo across the way
A "lil" buffalo getting "steamed"
Old Faithful Inn--This place has GROWN! I couldn't believe how much they have built up there!
Old Faithful--which is starting to be more old than faithful...we waited FOREVER for this thing to take off while the Beehive Geyser went higher...
It was still pretty cool though! Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Dia--waiting for Old Faithful (I don't know what happened to the next few pictures...)
Waiting for Old Faithful
Old Faithful...thinking about going...
Chuck, Liz, & Bailey
Watchin' the Beehive Geyser
Beehive Geyser
Beehive Geyser
Dustin's lil buddy--Whitney
I love walking pics... D & Whitney
Dia, D, & Whitney
My favorite thing at Yellowstone--the Turquoise pool
D & the stinky hot pot
I think it is so cool that this water boils like that...it stinks really bad, but it is still pretty cool...

D & the cool pool

Karen's thoughts "This stinks..." :)


When we were leaving we checked the back of the map and we saw most of the animals. We even saw a wolf! (Not a coyote...a wolf...) :)

When we first started our little adventure, somehow, D & I misplaced our camera. Thank goodness I had another one with us, so we were able to document! On our way out, we filled out a missing item report and someone actually turned it in!!! Yellowstone was nice enough and mailed it back. My camera beat us back to Cali. :) Thank you nice considerate peeps in Yellowstone!

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Anonymous said...

What a great trip! I have a similar Buffalo story.. A tourist was surprised after she took pictures of one from 2-3 feet that someone forgot to "tie it up". There were more people film what could have happened that taking pics of the "Bufflow" I just love Yellowstone.